Duties and Responsibilities of School Transport Supervisor

The Transportation Supervisor is responsible for directingthe daily operations of the transportation department,  to assuresafe and efficient pupil transportation, vehicle maintenance, vehicle acquisition, routing,scheduling, and fiscal responsibilities in support of the school Management instructional and activityprograms for students. This position requires strong proven abilities in organizations, leadershipand human relationships.

Essential Functions And Responsibilities

  • Provides leadership to the School Transportation Services on day-to-day operations.
  • The transport Supervisor is Responsible of inspecting the buses frequently to ensure that all the buses are in tip-top condition and safe enough to transport the students to and from the school.
  • Monitorsdaily operations to assure that work is performed efficiently and in accordance withappropriate regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Oversees all aspects of the daily bus and bus maintenance operations.
  • The transport supervisor is responsible for the conduct and behavior of the bus drivers &nannies.
  • Provides leaddirection to Transportation staff, office and bus maintenance staff.
  • Facilitates staffmeetings to provide random in-service and address operational issues.
  • Resolves or delegates daily operational problems and emergencies while coordinating withthe Director of Business and Operations on complex problems.
  • Performs road checks during period of inclement weather.
  • Provides recommendations to the Superintendent regarding changing school schedules including school cancellations due to weather conditions.
  • Responds to routine personnel questions or concerns in compliance with the collective bargaining agreement company policy. Consults with the Director of Business and Operations on non-routine issues.
  • Establishes and maintains positive customer relationships with parents, schools, anddepartments.
  • Coordinates with transportation department staff, schools, and parents on start of school protocols and resolves concerns. including keeping the parents informed of any route change, schedule change or timing change of the bus trip and should also keep them informed in case there is a new person that has assumed the role of the driver or bus attendant.
  • The Transport Supervisor becomes a prominent one in times of a crisis such as an accident or emergency (such as a breakdown). In such a case his action should be immediate so that there is no harm (or only a minimal loss) and every child reaches their home safe and sound.
  • The Transport Supervisor is expected to have the contact details of all the vehicles repair services of the area as well as those of doctors, nursing homes and hospitals.
  • Coordinates and provides input in the School transportation services, routing and scheduling effortsand preparing the periodic Student Transportation Allocation Reporting
  • Coordinates and assists with the RTA transportation training program, collision investigations, safety programs, student management, drug and alcohol testing, bus driver performance evaluations and staff development.
  • Coordinates with the bus maintenance staff to prepare for random RTA bus inspections.
  • Coordinates with the Director of Business and Operations on resolving any inspectionissues.
  • Collaborates with a variety of personnel from other departments, RTA, KHDA, etc.,
  • and organizations relating to pupil transportation.
  • Meets regularly with Director of Business and Operations to provide information onoperational issues, including changes in pupil transportation regulations and guidelines.
  • Assist and/or coordinates with the development of policies and procedures, systemupgrades and implementations, departmental staffing changes.
  • Continue professional growth, formulate goals, seek feedback, apply new skills, and participate as a team member with colleagues.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
  • Performs safety standards, laws, codes, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures relating to pupil transportation.
  • Performs the principles and practices of pupil transportation planning, schedulingand route development.
  • Performs the principles, practices, and techniques of vehicle maintenance and related safety and legal standards.
  • Performs effective methods of program development, implementation and evaluation of methods, practices and techniques

Physical Performance

Ability to stand, walk, and sit frequently or for prolonged periods of time. Additional physicalabilities include lifting/carrying/pushing/pulling, stooping/crouching, reaching/handling/fingering,talking/hearing conversations, and near/far visual acuity/depth perception/color vision/field ofvision. Capableto lift 60 lbs. and work in an environment with exposure to petroleumfumes and work occasionally outside.Able to work flexible hours including earlymorning and late evenings.

In total, the Transport Supervisor along with assistants have to ensure safe, effective, responsive and efficient transport service to the staff and the students.

The transport Supervisor must resolve all the challenges arises in the transport services

All expenditures must be properly recorded allocated and accounted for.

Complaints and concerns should be recorded and all the related follow-up correspondence should be copied, saved and stored appropriately.


The TransportSupervisor expected to be a person with a positive attitude with a professional approach in tackling the various issues of the transportation department.Ultimately, the service to the children should be of paramount importance.