School Bus Driver’s Responsibilities

School bus drivers are more than just vehicle operators–students often consider them friends, and parents trust them with the safety of their children

Description of Basic Functions and Responsibilities

To transport students to and from school and other sites within designated routes and to ensure the safety of the student passengers while in a school vehicle. Employees in this classification receive general supervision within a framework of standard policies and procedures. This job class is responsible for the safe operation of a school bus and for ensuring the safety of student passengers while meeting established bus schedules.

Major Responsibilities and Duties

  • Drives a school transportation vehicle within a prescribe routes in accordance with time schedules picking up and discharging students at designated stops
  • Conduct safety and operational inspection of assigned vehicle daily
  • Reports needed mechanical repairs when necessary
  • Maintains cleanliness of vehicle to ensure safe operating condition
  • Transports students and teacher on field trips to various locations; planning necessary routes and stops as needed
  • Attends various meetings regarding safety, first aid and training updates as required
  • Attends driver training programs to maintain current knowledge of RTA Vehicle Rules as it applies to the operation of vehicles in the transportation of school children
  • Must  take reasonable steps to prevent from exposing any pupil to impropriety of word or conduct
  • Must not smoke on the bus, or drink any intoxicating beverage, Shall respect all speed limits and all traffic rules. be instructed the essentials of the defensive driving practice
  • Must not use Mobile phone while driving, only in case of an emergency provided in a stopped safe and allowed position and use headphone,
  • Must wear a proper uniform and well groomed
  • Check the bus tires, lights and oil and do other basic maintenance before starting out.
  • Never leave the bus while the motor is running.
  • Never fill the fuel tank while there are children in the bus or while the motor is running.
  • Walk to the back of the bus to check for sleeping children by looking on andunder all seats. Leaving a child on the bus at the end of your route or trip is inexcusable. It is

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to see that no child is left on the bus. Failure to thoroughly check the

bus can result in the termination of your employment.

of leaving a child on a school bus. Also check for items that have been left, trash on the floor (sweep the bus if needed), and any damage to the seats.

  • Keep passengers informed of possible delays.
  • Carefully navigate roads and watch for debris, or slippery spots.
  • Never fill the fuel tank while there are children in the bus or while the motor is running
  • Report accidents immediately.
  • Call police during an emergency
  • Performs related duties as required

Employment Standards

  • Possess a valid license or permit issued by UAE authorizing such person to operate a school bus
  • Possession of a RTA School Bus Driver’s Certificate
  • Possession of a safe driving record Knowledge of the provisions of the RTA Vehicle Rules and the Education Rules as applied to the operation of vehicles used in the transport of school children.
  • Be certified by a duly licensed medical practitioner as medically qualified and free of medical or physical conditions, conducted prior to employment and periodically thereafter.
  • Knowledge of safe and defensive driving practices
  • Ability to understand and carry out both oral and written instructions in an independent manner
  • Ability to establish and maintain proper student conduct on school vehicle
  • Ability to exercise good judgment and extreme caution while driving
  • Ability to maintain valid certification as school bus driver according to RTA regulations
  • Ability to meet the physical requirements necessary to safely and effectively perform required duties
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective work relationship with those contacted in the performance of required duties